Shoutbox: [19:38] pointlesspoint: @ThaClown: At the moment i can ID 1 track: DJ Mutante - Mutante Is The Shit (2005). So i suppose it's a handful of that stuff. I am a bit familiair with the French style before 2000, most likely there's nothing in this mix, must be of the later period... .

Instant Frequency @ Re:Set DJ Contest


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Filetype: 320 kbit MP3
Length: 00:30:30
Rated by: FullEffectNL Lanoz


01.F8trix- Game is Mine
02.E-Force - The System
03.The Pitcher feat Szen - Let it Rain
04.Alpha² - Kick Back
05.Alphaverb - Digital Society 2012
06.Intractable One - Dikke Bleek (Original Drum and Bass Mix )
07.Juized - Emergence
08.Intractable One - Ginger (AVIO's Black Edit)
09.Zany - Psychedelic Trip
10.Kodex - Paranormal Activities

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