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Headhunterz @ Hard With Style 10


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Filetype: MP3
Length: 01:00:17
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1. Dutch Master - Million Miles Away (Noisecontrollers Remix)
2. Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Toneshifterz Remix)
3. D-Block & S-te-fan - Take Me There
4. Adrenalize - Forest Interlude
5. DJ Isaac - On The Edge (Psyko Punkz Remix) (Bassboom Vocal Edit)
6. Brennan Heart - Life That We Dream Of (City2City)
7. Frontliner - The First Cut (Technoboy Remix)
8. Stephanie - Sweet Disposition
9. Hard Driver - The Cold Angel
10. D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Our Music
11. Frontliner - Phaseriffic
12. Ran-D & Digital Punk - Survivors
13. Artic - In the Night
14. B-Front & Hard Driver - State Of Perfection
15. The R3belz - A State Of Mind
16. Frequencerz & In-Phase - Fight For Survival

Pithune -
Mass Vibrant
02. Dutch Master - Million Miles Away (Noisecontrollers Remix)  (L)
03. Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Toneshifterz Hard Bass 2012 DJ Tool)  (L)
04. D-Block & S-te-Fan - Take Me There  (L)
05. Adrenalize - Forest Interlude
06. Isaac - On The Edge (Psyko Punkz Remix)
10. Hard Driver - The Cold Angel
11. D-Block & S-te-Fan - Our Music  (L)
12. Frontliner - Phaseriffic  (L)
13. Ran-D & Digital Punk - Survivors  (L)
17. Frequencerz & In-Phase - Fight For Survival

all these, amazing tracks !!!  :L
Thyme -
...and then have a party!
Wow, that remix of The First Cut is  :X  :X
And why the hell is 'MR PSYKO' in the On the Edge Remix? Way to ruin a classic -.-
I used to like Psyko Punkz (nice set at Qlimax 2010 etc..) but having the same vocal in every track is getting a little bit boring.

Second half of the Set is great tho!  :)
SirConceptz -
07. Brennan Heart - Life That We Dream Of (City2City)  :thumbsup2:  :thumbsup2:
08. Frontliner - The First Cut (Technoboy Remix)  :beer:  :beer:
17. Frequencerz & In-Phase - Fight For Survival  :worship:
diskwarrior -
Artic - In The Night  :bomb:
On 05-03-2012 11:30:55, diskwarrior wrote:

Artic - In The Night  :bomb:

nefertithy -
muchas gracias  :thumbsup2: