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Lucato & Sir Conceptz @ Fear FM


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Sir Conceptz Part:
1.Wildstylez - Back 2 Basics
2.Scope DJ - Into The Capital (Official Bassleader Anthem 2011)
3.Headhunterz - Dragonborn
4.Zatox & Ran-D - Indoctrination
5.Arkaine - Fear No More
6.Alpha² & Wildstylez - Breathe
7.Zatox - Another Level (Raw Mix)
8.Alpha² & B-Front - Liberate

Lucato Part:
9.Southstylers - Pounding Senses (Kodex Bootleg)
10.The Pitcher - I Just Can't Stop (2011 Re-Amp)
11.Chaotic Spirit & Rawenvoys - Third Dimension
12.Ran-D - Pas Americano
13.Alphaverb & Intractable One - Triangle Of Life (Quake Dance Anthem 2010)
14.Wavolizer - Activator Mega-Mash up (2011 Remaster)
15.Trilok & Chiren - The Return

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LehoS -
Great set Guys  :)
SirConceptz -
Thanks man  ;)
Chaotic_Spirit -
11  :thumbsup2:
ThomA -
 :bomb:  :worship:
Hyonotik -
Thx For The Great Set!
DarekDubstyle -
Lucato  :thumbsup2:
alberlineo -
zatox bomb track  :bomb:  :bomb:  :bomb: