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Sickman @ Gearbox Fear.FM Hard Stream

Hardtechno   Schranz

Submitted by: djdesudo @

Length: 01:00:00

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Ukraines pride, SickMan, is one of the most lethal residents of the Gearbox show and has never produced a disappointing mix. His dark and extremely techy side is continually graduating into a more Schranz based sound and his mixes are getting harder and harder as time goes by. This mix is a high bpm, fist pumping, jaw dropping, tech fest with some beautiful remakes of older tunes. Be prepared for a lot of percussion and a high intesnity hour.!/pages/SickMaN/145171608885240

Rated by: steviedoyle djdesudo mazzanotti alcafire TheUnit Frame.of.Mind SickMaN ColinHQ Edwinn Opperhoofd JNKz Verjo DJCraigg69 meskcrime mc_base Dermo


Pendulum - Bloob Sugar(Viper XXL Remix)
Tilthammer - Soldiers of the root
SickMaN - Hophead Summit
UNKNOWN - Dancing in the darkness
Busho vs Mark EG & Chrissi - Play The Game (SickMaN's Remix)
Instigator - Rapid Impact
SickMaN - Intergalactic Techno
Instigator & Mark EG - Fucking Bass
Rob Stalker - Cyberdemon
Instigator - Oldie
Unknown - Hardtechno Hospital
Instigator - Desert Vibe
Svetec ft. Monica - Paper & Pen
Mario Kinle - Protect the trees(Svetec Remix)

ColinHQ -
Do you like owls?
Looks great, on the d/l  :thumbsup:
ColinHQ -
Do you like owls?
Apart from the Pendulem and Proxy bootlegs (I'm not a fan of schranz rips), I enjoyed this set.  ^.^
DJCraigg69 -
This set was fuckin immense. loved every minute of it  :bomb:  :bomb: