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The Illuminati @ Signal Flow Podcast 36

Industrial Hardcore

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The 36th Episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by The Illuminati!

It's the first podcast of 2012! Wow it's already been 2 years since this podcast has been running and I'm so happy with all the support I've been getting! Here's to much more music this year and I hope you stick around  :)

For today's podcast I have special guests The Illuminati! The two brothers Kostia and Vitali from Israel, started producing in 2005 and have been playing at events like Ground Zero 2010, Shadowlands Ukraine 2010 and 2011. The Illuminati represents a taste in the minds of musical chaos, among the constant experimenting with various styles of industrial, techno and hardcore. They're also owners of Dark Like Hell Records and have also released on labels like Gunpowder, Hard Kryptic, Kornocif, Stix Recordings, Six feet underground, EBE Company, and Important Corestyle.

I hope you enjoy the set they've put together for us! Feel free to visit them at their networks below!

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1. Cubic Nomad ft. The Relic - Walker
2. Embrionyc - Tartaros
3. Innovative - Opponent
4. Carnage & Cluster - Annihilation (Cubic Nomad Remix)
5. The Illuminati- Power Of The Sun
6. Dep Affect - Hypersensitive
7. Broken Rules - Minimize It
8. Reflecti- Dramaloop
9. Tapage & Ophidian - The Room
10. Innovative - Lost
11. Mindustries - The Arrival
12. Stormtrooper - Fear FM
13. The Illuminati - Rhythmic Twist
14. Catscan ft. Sidewinder - Drowned Memories
15. Armageddon Project - No Hell No Dignity
16. Promo - I kept the faith
17. Mental Wreckage - Neural Framework
18. SPL - Elbow Deep
19. The Illuminati & Marina Borodina - Victim Of The Cult
20. Dual Mechanism ft. Warchetype - Sociopath

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