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Headhunterz @ Hard With Style 8


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Headhunterz is known world-wide for his passion and energy for hard music both on an off the stage, representing his unique style at every major event including Defqon.1 Festival, Hard Bass, Qlimax, In Qontrol and Decibel Outdoor Festival. 'Hard With Style' is no exception, with each show containing the upmost quality and the freshest tunes.

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1. Headhunterz - Dragonborn
2. Code Black & Wasted Penguinz - Activated
3. Pavo - Raven
4. Toneshifterz - Elektro Shock (2011 Remix)
5. Noisecontrollers - Pillars Of Creation
6. F8trix - Flavaa'
7. Wildstylez - Muzic Or Noize (Frontliner Remix)
8. Omegatypez - Dirty Style
9. Toneshifterz & S-Dee - Party Down
10. Coone ft. Nikkita - Big Bad Monstah (Qlimax DJ Tool)
11. Noisecontrollers vs Pavelow - Quatre Mains
12. Psyko Punkz - Gravel Pit
13. Alpha² - Unleashed
14. Headhunterz - Doomed (Bla Bla Bla Edit)
15. Frontliner - Whatever!
16. Brennan Heart - Running Late (Brennan Heart & Code Black MF Earthquake Raw Mix)
17. The Machine - Audiobot (B-Front Remix)

tvernee -
On 02-01-2012 19:50:56, Qlmx wrote:


Denk het, het origineel is vele malen beter-_-

Wat dacht je van deze:
Toneshifterz - Elektro Shock 2011

Ook hier is het origineel stukken beter  ;) zonde
MrKikker -
On 02-01-2012 18:06:21, Teuntjes wrote:

Ben ik de enigste die de running late remix wel goed vind??

vond het origineel beter.
system_meltdown_5601 -
once upon a time in a far away land blablablablabla forever
haha die doet 't em  :p
hardstyleruk11 -
Quality set
alberlineo -
great set  :thumbsup: