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DJ-ing / Producing / My First Melodic Speedcore Release

Dooter -
I love UK hardcore / Frenchore
Hi , Dooter Here . Just to say that i released my first Melodic Speedcore Track

Chek It Out !!!!

Mixcloud Link in HQ :
Bedlam -
Very good!  :thumbsup:
Dooter -
I love UK hardcore / Frenchore
 :beer:  =D
abeljames -
I hope your track has been well-received and that you continue to make more music coreball in the future. If you have any questions or want to discuss anything related to music production, feel free to ask
tonyadams -
I have heard your new track. It showcases a fantastic blend of high-energy beats, intricate melodies, and a captivating progression that keeps the fnf listener engaged from start to finish.
Pool7 -
I have heard these tunes and it is very catchy. Besides I have the melody of threes have you heard it yet?
fooely -
I have checked and see everything in trap the cat is still working normally.
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Laydi1 -
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