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Liveset discussion / MaD Dog @ Dominator 2015 - looking for a track

Inzane -
I am searching for a track Mad Dog did play at Dominator 2015. It was right before Anime - Terrordome.

Track something with 100% hard 100% core 100% Sinnest etc etc.
Never heard it before except in 1 Mad Dog set so suppose it it his own production that got never released.

Asked Mad Dog himself about the track but he got no reply back yet.
alexvdh -
need for koek : underground
i got your back bro,
cuz i know a good website full of TL's
here is the link:
Hansolo [Set Editor] -
Inzane -
track is not in there
it is beween Tommyknocker ft. MC Jeff - Sinner and anime - terrordome

starting 16:53

100% Core

heard this track only 1 set Mad Dog @ dominator. never heard it in any other dj set.
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Hansolo [Set Editor] -
Inzane -
On 10-06-2021 00:10:30, Hansolo wrote:

Ask this guy

I think the track name is DJ Mad Dog Feat. E-Life - 100%
it was never released.

i checked e-life and mad dog twitter posts from dominator time and both post/reply 100%...