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Requests / Vynil rip request: Nasenbluten - Truck Driver-Plus from The Nihilist E.P. (rare & expensive)

pointlesspoint -
Coherent incoherence

I'm planning a hardcore try-out mix for which i have obtained almost all the tracks in digital format/vinyl format/digitalised/vinyl rips.
I'll be more than happy to add a link on LSDB!

There's one thing that bothers me:
I want to use the track Nasenbluten - Truck Driver-Plus from The Nihilist E.P.
The vinyl is rare and (very) expensive, i won't obtain it for a try-out mix.
I did found a FLAC file on Soulseek but i doubt it is a quality rip.

Before i start mixing i want to pose my request:

If anyone has this record and is in a kind mood to make a decent quality vinyl rip (WAV/FLAC), i'd be very happy.
I can do you a favor in return if you want, for instance in the form of digital tracks or small money.


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bijiures -
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