Shoutbox: [12:24] ProPodziemie: This song is all rather trash, it is weak, when I do such shit I remove it immediately. There are millions of such shit on the internet, it is better to make 10 shit and learn something more on each subsequent one and then create one interesting piece in my opinion, and not just what most amateurs do by publishing something crap everywhere. ; D  xD


ProPodziemie -
My new EP album, good old soundz! Listen, share Your opinion and comment!  ;))))
TimTim [Moderator] -
Feeeeeddddd Meeeee
U do know that making an album in 2019 = not early hardcore right? ... right? Or am i even over estimating you
ProPodziemie -
I meant more that the style of the songs in my latest album are approaching older, oldschool hardcore sounds, such a small reference what style  ;)
alexvdh -
PM for old uploads
stop using samples Danny. Make your own shit manneke  :bye:
edit: for the kick/bass i mean
Edited by alexvdh on 13-08-2019 19:43
ProPodziemie -
Indeed, these are samples, and more precisely - 'Blutonium Boy Hardstyle/Hardcore Samples 2007' - something like that. Most of these kicks sounded quite poor at the time, so I had to redo them, strengthen them, turn them up and create something of my own from the base, but really - a sample is a sample. I have to create my kick sometime. : D