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Requests / The good old Days / Your Request matters (2000-2006)

pointzero -
Dear unknown LSDB-User,

- Do you like to hear music of your favorite DJ from the good old days (2000-2006) again?  :o

- Do you like to hear Sets from a Genre and DJ again, that you haven´t heared in a long time or maybe never?  :w00t:

 :arrow: Your Request matters

I´m offering you, dear unknown LSDB User, the make you wish become reality.

LSDB had a decisive impact on my taste in music and supplied me with everything that was not played in my country and nether heard by my friends over the last 15 years...playing a huge role in defending my psycholical sanity against Radio Commercial Bullshit  :showtek:.

Now it´s time for PayBack  :beer:

From my Archive of wonderous and mysterious Radiorips (Years 2000-2006) which i collected in the good old Emule/Rapidshare/Megaupload days, the chance is high that your DJ´s or at least your Genre will be represented with some quantity and quality.

!Please no specific sets, i´m not a Server !  :rtfm:  ;)

!Be sure that i will upload Hardtrance/Early Hardstyle/Early Hardcore/Hardcore - because thats what i like and to what i have a reference!
- Check out the DJs and Genres i uploaded so you can use your vote for something that i would have no interest to upload  :W

!The other Genres i would simply ignore and could not even honestly tell you what is considered to be a good set in this Genre!
-So take your chance and vote for something YOU know is the shit.. to get the Sets of the Genre that YOU appreciate  :thumbsup2:  :worship:

- What can you get?  :star:

 :bomb:Up to 33 Uploads from your favorite Genre with prefered uploads from your favorite DJ  :bomb:

Request form : Genre/DJ and 1 x vote per user

For Example :
Techno/Chris Liebing - if you want Uploads from Chris Liebing playing Techno or
Trance/Armin van Buuren - if you want Uploads from Armin van Burren playing Trance

The most voted genre will get 20 uploads, prefered with the most voted dj - the second most voted genre will get 13 uploads,
prefered with the most voted DJ in following priority :

1. I will try to upload the sets with the highest upvotes here on LSDB that miss a link  :yay: 2. I will upload Sets that are not in the database yet  :w00t:

In case 67% or more votes are for a specific Genre, this Genre will have a absolute majority on democratic bases and takes it all!
- in that case i will still upload some sets from the second most voted genre/dj as consolation prize  :)

Please look up LSDB to figure out how well your Gerne and your DJ was represented in the Years 2000-2006 to vote tactical  :info:

Remember: The more popular the Genre or the DJ was in the Years 2000-2006, the higher the chance he/she played the set in a Radioshow/Event, the higher the quantity of possible Radiocuts and therefore Uploads. You can still vote for a more unknown DJ or a genre from the niche but i cannot give any warranty to fulfill that up to 100%.

You can vote till the 25.February 00:00, the fist uploads will be at the 26.February.

Good Luck  :)
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audrius -
Early Hardstyle/Activator
hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
Hardtrance / Tom Harding
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TNO-HTNO-IHC-HC / DJ Daisy (aka Mandragore)