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Williamhawk -
I love trance, mostly uplifting and some orchestral trance, I been told most of the trance I listen to are in that subgenre, I'm not the type that really categorize genres of music into subgenres. Anyways I feel disconnected with a lot of people who listen to trance. I'm really the only person I know that listens to trance, or any electronic music, that doesn't like raves or drugs associated with the rave scene, not that I'm saying it's good or bad - I'm neutral about that. I usually don't tell other people that aren't into the electronic music scene that I listen to trance because I don't want them to view me as that type of person because I'm not. I been listening to trance almost all my life and I probably only been to 2 raves. To me uplifting trance is not danceable, it's music you listen to when you're in a nice scenery, like driving along a nice road in the sunset or hiking on a mountain up high with a nice view. To me its music that calms and soothe, not something to dance crazy to. That's just me though and people interpret music differently but I just feel there aren't a lot of trance listeners like me.

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