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Hardcore & harder / Murmuur - Doomcore Records 43

krakum -
1. Hologram - We Live... Again (Murmuur Rmx)
2. Murmuur - I Am Emperor
3. Murmuur - Seven Angels
4. Murmuur - The Burrow

Murmuur should not be unknown to both Hardcore Heads and Doomcore Troopers, as his sounds get around the scene for a while now, with quite an impact.
This is a real mature release here, with precise production and execution of sound, creating a hard hitting sound. We have something that combines Industrial Hardcore with Doomcore here, without being stuck "inbetween", and there is also hints of Oldschool fierceness and a general love for hard electronic music.
One focal point in these tracks is the drum, which is hard as steels, a real monster of a kick. The other focus is the atmosphere, something inbetween a nightmarish science fiction movie and lovecraftian horror maybe.
A very modern production that is not afraid of its roots.