Shoutbox: [21:50] BertusBaklip: @DoS, kwaliteit is zeker ruk. Razor Edge is het niet. Heb em op raw ook nog wel es voorbij horen komen volgens mij. Anders ga ik stefan zelf maar een berichtje doen.

House & electro / Darklime - Little Future (remastered)

Jatoch -
Learn how to produce.  :bye:
darklime.carnage -
On 22-06-2010 11:53:19, Jatoch wrote:

Learn how to produce.  :bye:

90% hardware use
not nowdays sound around 2008  =]
ThaMaster -
Baas in alle opzichten.
darklime.carnage -
On 18-07-2010 20:08:22, ThaMaster wrote:


if you're not into that kind of music don't judge,it was made mostly on hardware only,so not anyone can do that  ;)
raules -
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annamarle⋆ -
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