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DJ-ing / Producing / Louk - Essential Samples Volume 2

Louk -
Hey all

Have done a new sample pack. This one I am selling direct so I can keep an eye on who has a copy and sales.

I released a pack two years ago on Trackitdown which had some samples from my earlier productions, well now I have a new one with more up to date sounds and a V-Station library.

In this pack are:

* 45 Percussion Sounds
* 36 Synth Stabs + Basses
* 29 Percussion Loops
* 24 FX + Vox
* 12 Kick Drums
* 4 Gate FX
* 10 Novation V Station Patches taken from my productions.

I am releasing this pack for the price of 13.00 GBP. You can also buy the previous pack with another 150 samples if you do not have it for a reduced price of 6.00 GBP.

At a last check samples taken from all the following of my productions are included:

Louk - Acid Beast
Louk - Activate
Louk - Shadow Of The Beast
Cohesive - Follow Me (Louk Mix)
Louk + Joe-E - Twister
Unknown - Destination Unknown
Phil York - Strike One (Louk Mix)
Louk + Esh - Side Effect
Vandall - Turn Me On (Louk's Tech Mix)
Cohesive - Pill Abuse
Louk + Brian Eddie - Critical Level
Louk + Busho - 15 Volts
Louk + Stew Ewens - Future Shock
Jim TC Honywill - God + The Devil (Damien James + Louk Mix)
Dave Walker - Mystify (Louk Mix)
Fausto - Get Low (Louk Mix)
Nick The Kid + Louk - Darkness
Masif DJs - Music Is The Answer (Louk Mix)
Masters Of Chaos - Retribution
DJ Sylas - Final Riot (Nick The Kid + Louk Mix)
Synthetic - Science Fiction (Louk Mix)
Organ Donors - Mental Atmosphere (Louk Mix)
Joe-E - Sound Rage (Louk's Tech Mix)

To order all you have to do is email with a message stating which packs you want, and I will give you the address to paypal the money to. When it clears I will send you the pack(s).

If you are from the UK and wish to order you can pay via bank transfer as well.

Hope you are all interested in this and look forward to hearing from you  :)

madison2⋆ -
Absolutely, DJ-ing and producing require top-notch tools. When it comes to audio quality, Tivimate Premium is my go-to choice. It elevates the music experience to a whole new level, just like the Essential Samples in Volume 2. Thanks for the valuable insights!
cuhnkedrik⋆ -
For the low, low price of 13.00 GBP, I am offering this pack. If you don't already have it, you can also get the prior box with another 150 samples for only 6.00 GBP. geometry dash