Shoutbox: [17-08] ProPodziemie: See how lazy I am? I could sit down and learn how to create kicks initially and now prefer to hang around...  :slow:  :')  :D

Gender: Male
Facebook: Mr.Hardeval
Soundcloud: hardeval

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In the mid 90s, started the pleasure and acceptance of electronic music. Influenced during that time by Hard House and Euro House, Giovanni acquires his first cassettes and makes use of them in experimental radio programs from the central area. Feeling a great taste for these new sounds and parallel finishing his studies in high school, makes use of digital technology as a help tool which opened the doors for know other genres such as Hard Trance, Hardstyle, Hard Techno, to mention a few. With a strong motivation in mid 2010, under the name "Darkside DJ" starts his first sets in the underground, showing to his listeners new sounds for them. It has contributed on the scene (underground) in some places, to name a few: - ELECTRO FEST Arica - August 2011 - ELECTRO PERFECT SITUATION - August 2011 - DISTORTION WAVE - September 2011 - BASS PERFORMANCE Arica Anniversary - June 2012 - CANIS IN XTC - Animalia - July 2012 - PLUS MASSIVE Más Masivo - October 2012 - Electro Halloween - October 2012 - INFECTION Project XXX - December 2012 - INFECTION @ Infinity Year Party - January 2013 In 2012, changes his alias "Darkside DJ" to "Hardeval" Begin to enter the world of electronic music production for the time in Hardstyle, Hard Trance and Hard Techno. Aliases : HVAL (Hard Trance), Giovan Streitbar (Hard Techno) Soon new tracks will be available by LLOKKO HARD TRAXX & LLOKKO HARD TECH