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Shoutbox: [14:53] Maartenp: Rawneckz mixtape 7 is gek wie zijn dat?
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Not Relevant @ Drink & Drive Fast Hardcore Uptempo

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Submitted by: MarcCore
Rated by: MarcCore

Added on: 10 Dec 2011 01:48
Last edited: 10 Dec 2011 02:25 by hardcorerepublic

Length: 00:15:47
Filetype: 320 kbit MP3

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Fast Faster Scheppercore


1.Dj Mad Dog- Kick That Shit
2.Tommyknocker- Demolition
3.Digital Boy & MC Rage- Face Down Ass up
4.DJ Outblast- Electro Shocking
5.Bodylotion - Neighbourhood crime
6.Diss Reaction- Jiiieehaaa
7.Evil Activities- Klaar om te rossen
8.Noize Suppressor- Fingerhz
9.Dione -Born to Raise Hell
10.Dione- Time to Party

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